Protodromics™ thermal management systems are based on a NASA patented design and built on decades of research in the field of electrohydrodynamics (EHD). This elegant trick of nature provides new opportunities to defeat the challenge of keeping your mission critical components at their optimal temperature. Our systems combine computer aided engineering and advanced manufacturing to provide an active thermal management system optimized for thermal performance and customized for your application requirements.

Integrated into our thermal management systems are pumps that use specially designed pairs of electrodes. These generate a powerful electric field, on the order of 10 million volts per meter. Many liquid refrigerants are poor conductors of electricity and when they encounter a strong electric field, a force develops within the fluid body that causes it to move. These forces arise from multiple sources such as ionized contaminants, polarization forces, and local differences in how well the electric field can penetrate the fluid. Taken together these forces motivate the fluid to flow along with the electric field, hopping from electrode pair to electrode pair.

The speed, pressure, and shape of the resulting flow depends on the design of the electrodes, the applied potential, and even the properties of the fluid itself. Unlike ordinary mechanical pumps those used in our systems have no moving parts which provides improved reliability and vibration free operation. Through the use of computer aided engineering and advanced manufacturing, our systems can be custom-tailored to meet mission constraints such as size, weight, and power. By embedding our solution into your hardware, the number of individual components and fluid seals are reduced which prevents leaks -- delivering extended operational life without sacrificing the advantages of active thermal management.

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EHD driven flows are well adapted to continuous operation in dynamic environments where high accelerations or sustained micro-gravity may be encountered. The flight proven NASA design has operated both continuously and intermittently in orbit without intervention, and research previously performed with ESA has shown that EHD pumping can occur uninterrupted even at accelerations up to 20G. EHD is phase agnostic, exhibiting enhanced utility in bubbly flows commonly encountered in two-phase and cryogenic cooling systems.

Protodromics™ EHD enhanced thermal management systems are the perfect solution for applications where size, weight, power and reliability are paramount. Maximize your return on investment, safeguard your assets, and never sacrifice performance.

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