Photo of electric car charging with headlights on. Showig battery thermal management.

Use every last mile of charge and never worry about thermal runaway.

Photo of soldiers Using Drone And Laptop Computer for Scouting During Military Operation in the Desert.

Assure mission endurance without surrendering performance.

Coputer server rack system in operation in a data center.

Assure reliable hyperscale computing while slashing cooling costs.

Infrared image of a microcontroller on a circuit board.

Keep pace with Moore's Law without running into Fourier's Limit.

SpaceX Dragon Capsule in orbit on appraoch to the International Space Station over an arid coastline.

Never throttle your high flying assets while shrinking size, weight, and power requirements.

Artists rendering of a hypersonic glide vehicle skipping over the atmosphere.

Accelerate your technology development even when the cutting edge is blazing hot.

Free space optical experiment with dual color laser beams.

Exacting thermal stability where the only vibrations are those you want to measure.

Photo of a 3D metal printer producing a steel part.

Don't sacrifice your build to thermal excursions.

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